Monday, April 28, 2014


 I still think it's crazy that people actually live inside this castle even now! It's like a tiny village inside, with homes, a church, a store, restaurant, etc.

 BEAUTIFUL view of Italy

This is a terrible video, so here's the story behind it: yesterday Madison, Alicia, and I rode to Vigoleno with Giovanni and Denillo (two of the teachers from Respighi and another nearby school). Giovanni speaks hardly any English, and Denillo only speaks a little. Driving (or riding) in Italy is so scary! Everyone goes whatever speed they want, one lane roads become two because cars squeeze through, and there are roundabouts everywhere. On the way back, it had been raining, and we were going down the side of a mountain on a narrow, curvy road. As soon as we got in the car, Giovanni started blasting the music that's playing in the video, and because we'd had so much wine, we started crying from laughing so hard. We thought the song fit our crazy drive down the side of the mountain. :)


 The Duomo

 So many pigeons!

 Inside the Duomo!

 I loved the floors. 

 It's hard to see because my flash wasn't on, but do you see the small streak of light (just a spot of light in real life) near the top of that arch?...

 ...It's actually a small hole designed to let enough light in that people inside the Duomo could tell what time of year it was, as well as their latitude! It's not in this picture, but the floor has a straight line running across the church with the zodiac signs in different positions.When the light from the sun hits the line, it means that it is local noon.

Italian Reggae!



 The town square

 I love boxers. <3

 (Sorry for the fuzziness... no flash allowed)