Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2 weeks later with only 2 days left!

The last two weeks have been so busy that I haven't even had time to sleep. We are constantly going places and doing things, and I have had the best time of my life. I absolutely love Italy.

To make up for not posting for the last two weeks, I have a TON of pictures that I will post momentarily. Since my last post, we have been to Rome (for 4 days), Bologna, a palace in Piacenza (where I did not have my camera, unfortunately), and Venice, as well as some other small stops along the way.

Teaching has been fun but difficult (which I will also post about later), but I have still enjoyed it very much. It is nothing like America, though, and it makes me miss my kids at South Warren. <3 Speaking of which, I found this in my school bag the other day! Thank you again, Harrison and Spencer! haha

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