Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A few random photos before my last post(s)...


The weirdo I wake up to in the morning, staring down from the top bunk

Me, Alicia, Elena (teacher), Giovanni (IT), Madison, and Sandy at Rico Tyler's cousin's restaurant.

 The street leading to one of the high school's two branches. This is near the building for first year students.

 The technical school next to the high school where I was teaching

 The "teacher's lounge" at Respighi. Teachers do not have their own rooms here, so this is where all of their materials are stored... crazy!

 Looking out of the teacher lounge window to the other side of the building...

Madison, Alicia, me, and Sandy on the day of our shopping trip near Piacenza
 My host mom must have realized that I like candy bars because she brought me 6 of them last night. When she handed them to me, she said, "for America." Haha

The teachers/families threw a going away party for us last night at a really cute place called "Pizzeria Sammy." One of the host moms (Paola) made this cake for us. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. 

 Sandy, Madison, Alicia, and me at Pizzeria Sammy... so good! I think one of my favorite things about Italy is that when you order a pizza, you really get an entire pizza for yourself. It's great. :)

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